President Rayeesi Calls for Development of Iran’s Knowledge-Based Firms
President Rayeesi Calls for Development of Iran’s Knowledge-Based Firms
Tehran - Sahand Azadi News Agency - President Seyed Ibrahim Raisi of our country considered the development of knowledge-based economy as a priority and emphasized: the quantitative and qualitative growth of these companies is on the agenda of the government.

The President of Iran made these remarks on Tuesday during a visit to the Pardis Science and Technology Park located in the Pardis town of Tehran.

During the visit, the President unveiled five knowledge-based pharmaceutical products produced by domestic Iranian companies.

He described the development of knowledge-based economy as one of the country’s priorities in the path of growth and development and emphasized on the quantitative and qualitative development of the complex.

Recalling the emphasis of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the development of knowledge-based production in his Nowruz message on the occasion of naming the year 1401 AD earlier this month, the President enumerated the position of science and knowledge. Technology parks are important in realizing this naming and called on all activists of the knowledge-based ecosystem to play an active role.

The President also visited various departments of the Bio Fermentation Pharmaceutical Company and the Quality Control Laboratory of Probiotic Products and Pharmaceutical Supplements.

In a message to the nation in early March, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, stressed the need for increasing efforts to strengthen knowledge-based production and create more employment.

Ayatollah Khamenei made these remarks in a televised message to the nation on the occasion of the New Year.

The Supreme Leader stressed the importance of boosting domestic production, as in previous years, and said: “The reason for his emphasis on production is that it causes economic growth, job creation, reducing inflation, increasing per capita income and increasing per capita income.” “It improves public welfare.”

In addition, it has psychological effects because it strengthens national self-confidence and creates a sense of dignity in the nation. Produce such an elixir. “National production is important if, God willing, it is done in the best possible way.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also called 1401 the year of “production, knowledge and employment.”

The full text of the message of the Leader of the Revolution is as follows:

in the name of God

Praise be to the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon Mawla and our family Muhammad and his pure family, especially the rest of God on earth.

O changer of hearts and eyes,

O director of night and day

O Transformer of moods,

Change our terms to the best!

I congratulate Nowruz and the arrival of the new year, new growth in nature and new days. Nowruz this year coincides with the 15th of Sha’ban, which belongs to the shining sun of the world, Imam Zaman (as). I would like to congratulate these great events to the great nation of Iran and all related and like-minded nations.

Congratulations especially to the honorable families of the martyrs – those patient and dear families, may God not deprive the Iranian nation and all of us of the existence of these honorable families. I also congratulate the dear veterans, veterans and their patient families, as well as those who have made real sacrifices and made great sacrifices in various fields such as health, security, resistance and science, and have made great sacrifices. I congratulate all these dear ones on this sweet and auspicious Eid.

Another year has passed. The year 1400 AH ended with all the sweet and bitter moments and all its ups and downs which is a natural part of life. Life is a combination of these sweet and bitter moments and these ups and downs. I would like to mention some of these sweet and great moments that have happened to the Iranian nation.

One of them was the election. The election was really important and glorious. Despite the fact that the epidemic had reached its peak in the early 1400 AH, people went to the polls and cast their ballots. It’s so important. This was while even gathering two people in a certain place was dangerous. In those days, we saw mortality rates of hundreds – 500, 600 and sometimes even more per day. Elections were held in such circumstances. People went to the polls and participated in the elections. The result was a new government.

Evidence shows that this government is a people’s government that cares about the goals of the people and is moving in a different direction from the previous honorable government. Praise be to God, this government has revived hope in the people. This was one of the most important events that happened to the Iranian nation.

Another culmination was a serious clash